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Organic September: An Inspiring Initiative

Organic September: An Inspiring Initiative

As we reach the end of Organic September we wanted to remind you that Pudology are very much on board with this fantastic initiative.


The approach and ideas behind this movement are ones that everyone should integrate into their everyday lives. Simply becoming more aware of the world around us and understanding the positive effects that every individual can make by deciding to go organic is an idea that we very much believe in!




It’s not too late to get involved in Organic September. There’s a digital tool kit available to download with lots of tips, advice and imagery you can use to spread the word on social media. You can find that here.


You can also use the hashtag #OrganicSeptember across your social media profiles to raise awareness and encourage your friends to go organic, as well as show off all the yummy recipes you have made using organic ingredients.



One reason that many people choose not to go organic is because they believe it will mean they cannot save money on grocery shopping. But that’s just a myth. There are lots of easy ways to go organic and help to save people, animals and the environment without spending a fortune. It’s all about making sensible choices and thinking ahead.


One great way is to buy lower cost cuts of organic meat if you’re not vegetarian or vegan. If you also cut down your weekly meat intake slightly, you can invest in better quality meat products such as organic and grass fed types. These are also far better for our health than cheap, non-organic cuts.


Cooking in bulk is another great way to save the pennies, and to save time in a busy week! Just cook up your food and freeze any leftovers, then you’ve got an easy way to feed the kids without the hassle of cooking every night.


Another reason many people hesitate when taking the organic plunge is because they are not fully aware of the benefits. Organic produce is made using farming methods friendly to both animals and the environment, and has a hugely positive impact on our planet. No artificial fertilizers are used and all animal produce comes from a free-range environment where animals are given ample space to roam.


To check out all the discounts you can take advantage of and find events going on near you, head over to the Organic September’s website. You will also find plenty of tips on how to make small lifestyle changes towards going organic and doing your bit for the environment and our world.


As going organic also means you are still allowed to treat yourself to one of our delightful and organic desserts. They’ve all been made with dedicated organic methods with every single one gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and Kosher. Whoever said organic, free-from eating was restrictive has certainly never tried our sweet treats.


Why not pour some beautiful Pudology natural coconut Yog over some organic seasonal fruit this September? Yum!