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Pudology’s perfect pancake recipe!

Pudology’s perfect pancake recipe!

Pudology’s perfect pancake recipe!

And somehow Pancake Day always seems to bring with it the same old arguments – what’s the best recipe? What’s the best way to toss a pancake? Should they be eaten as a dessert or main meal on the big day? Are they best enjoyed with all the tasty trimmings or just good old lemon and sugar?

At Pudology we are all about the simple indulgences, so we put together a super easy recipe that will taste delicious with any of the mouth-watering topping options we have suggested! This recipe is gluten free and vegan so is perfect for anyone to enjoy. Whether you’re creating a toppling pile of loveliness for the little ones to enjoy, or just putting together a simple dessert for a few friends, this recipe will do the trick and works perfectly every time.

6 pancakes (depending on how large you like them…)

Prep time:
10 minutes

Cooking time:
A couple of minutes per pancake

2tbsp chia seeds
2tbsp water
100g Buckwheat Flour
100g Rice Flour
1tbsp baking powder
Pinch salt
75g caster sugar
50g vegan spread (melted)
250ml Soya milk
2tsp vanilla extract

Mix together the chia seeds and water in a cup and place in the fridge for at least ten minutes. While this is thickening, mix the flour, baking powder and salt together in a bowl.
In a separate bowl, mix the melted vegan spread and sugar. Add the milk and vanilla and the thickened chia seeds (which should now have absorbed all the water). Mix the wet ingredients into the dry and combine – don’t over-stir.

Heat up a frying pan on a medium heat – use oil if you need to. Pour as much of the mixture into the pan as you desire and, well you know the rest! Fry until perfectly browned before trying out your best pancake flip – brown the other side and leave to cool for a few minutes before serving (or while you make the rest of the pancakes).

Top with any number of toppings – go wild! We highly recommend a rather generous scoop of one of our chocolate puds, with a few raspberries thrown in for good measure (it’s ok to indulge if you eat fruit at the same time, that’s just common sense).

If you’re feeling really naughty, try spreading your pancake with peanut butter before adding the chocolate ganache – you can thank us for that one later! If you’re looking for something a little lighter, try a few dollops of our coconut yoghurt along with a sliced banana and a drizzle of maple syrup for a heavenly combination!

What are your favourite pancake toppings? Do you like yours rich and indulgent or healthy and nutritious? Or are you, dare we say it, a savoury pancake type of person?

Let us know and don’t forget to tag us in your perfect oatcakes photographs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – we love to see your creations and you might just inspire another Pudology lover with their own topping for this year’s pancakes!

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