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A day in the life of a Pudology Sampler:

A day in the life of a Pudology Sampler:

My Sampling session usually starts with introducing myself and signing in at the Customer Desk. The Duty Manager is paged and I become one of the fold. I am no longer a customer, I have a job to do.

Pudology apron on, I set out my table with crisp white cloth, and 2 small trays of heavenly samples of Chocolate Pud and Banoffee Pud, both dairy and gluten free, of course! Arranging information leaflets done, I am ready to show off what we are all about.

We’ve all done it, spotted the dreaded sampling person who might interrupt the dash around the shelves, possibly making you late for whatever is next on the days agenda. None of us wants to be rude and explaining you haven’t got time isn’t an option because, well, there is no time. In the split second all this is processed by the poor Customer’s brain, there is a small stumbling step followed by acceleration to the next aisle. Comical to observe, and usually, realising chocolate is the tasting sample, all is well.

The best thing about doing the sampling day, is meeting lots of people, and coming across someone, who has a friend or family member that, because of Lucy, can now enjoy a wonderful pudding like everyone else.

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