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Back to School Tips – Lunch box fillers for a free-from diet!

Back to School Tips – Lunch box fillers for a free-from diet!

Back to School Tips – Lunch box fillers for a free-from diet!

The nights are gradually starting to draw in and temperatures are slowly dropping. People are already planning Christmas (what?!) which means it’s time again for the kids to go Back to School. New uniforms will be purchased and rapidly dirtied; pencil cases will be stashed with the most fashionable stationary and lunchboxes will be lovingly filled and emptied in seconds.
The thought of keeping everyone happy with a lunch that is healthy, cheap and tasty for the rest of the year may seem daunting – understandable as it may require parenting super-powers to remember who will eat what and who can eat what. discount female viagra pills

To make things easier, we’ve done a bit of research. We’ve searched, hunted, tasted and whittled down some of the best free-from lunchbox fillers on the market.
You’re welcome.
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So here are our top products to keep your little (or big) free-from angels healthy and full for the rest of the afternoon. buy cialis online

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• Gluten free bread

It’s official – sandwiches are the quickest, easiest and tastiest lunchbox item that ever existed. Easy to personalise to individual tastes and dietary requirements – and there are so many ways to fill them! From salad to PB&J, this mini-meal can be a great time-saver on those mornings when things just aren’t going as they should. And there is no need to live without – even on a gluten-free diet. These Schar Free-From Ciabatta Rolls are a delicious alternative to regular bread and make sandwiches possible for everyone going back to school.
Find them: Ocado online.

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• Dairy-free cheese.

And if you’re struggling to fill your sandwich due to dietary restrictions – don’t panic! There are so many fabulous options out there. We love these Violife non-dairy Cheese Slices with some tomato and a touch of basil – better still if you can melt it onto toasted bread and leave to cool before packing for a crunchy lunchtime snack.
Find them: Ocado online and Waitrose stores.

• Alternative sandwich fillers

Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t like cheese – dairy-free or not! So if you’re looking for something a little different to fill a sandwich, why not go for a few slices of this Tofurky mock meat? It’s suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and paired with a little avocado or lettuce, it makes a great middle to any sandwich.
Find them: Holland and Barrett stores.

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• “Yoghurt”

The Alpro Strawberry and Peach Yoghurt Alternative makes a perfect addition to any Back to School lunchbox and can be enjoyed by both those who avoid dairy and those who don’t. A natural source of protein and low in saturated fat, these are not to be missed. They come in lunchbox friendly sizes and enough fruity flavours to please even the fussiest little cherub. Of course, you can always rely on our very own Pudology Natural Coconut Yogurt to provide a great alternative..!

• Nakd bars

The perfect snack time treat. Packed with fruit and nuts these are filling and super tasty but totally free from dairy, eggs and gluten. While it might not bother your little ones that these are raw and natural and bursting with nutrition, it’s a relief to know that they are enjoying something healthy. These come in a variety of flavours, and you can get them individually packed, or in handy boxes of four. Our favourites are the Rhubarb and Custard and the Bakewell Tart which are good enough to rival any snack bar on the market.

Find them: in Waitrose or Holland and Barrett stores; online at Ocado.

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• Healthy crisps!

Crisps aren’t always the healthiest item in the lunchbox, but it doesn’t stop them from being a go-to for most of us. If you’re after something with less fat than the regular crisp, then these Eat Real Hummus Chips are the way to go. Did I mention that they are also totally vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free? As if they could get any better, the flavours easily rival any regular crisp brand. We love the Sea Salt and the Tomato and Basil!

Find them: Holland and Barrett stores and online at Ocado.

• The non-sandwich!

While sandwiches are definitely the easiest and quickest thing to pack, they can get a little repetitive. If you fancy something a little different, try incorporating different flavours. We love the idea of a Middle Eastern themed lunch. Throw in some free-from falafel. We love the Waitrose Chickpea Falafel which contain no eggs or dairy. Add some hummus (try Clive’s Free From Organic Classic Hummus from Ocado online) and slices of carrot and cucumber and enjoy some tasty finger food!

• Dates

Dates are possibly one of the most under-rated fruits out there. Packed with magnesium and fibre, these little nutrition bombs are perfect to go in the lunchbox. We love these pitted dates from Holland and Barrett. These are great as they are, but we also love filling them with peanut butter to make a salty-sweet and healthy dessert option.
Buyers can find them at: Holland and Barrett stores and online store.

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• The Raw Chocolate Co Raw Chocolate Mulberries

Organic. Raw. Packed with nutrients and taste. It’s hard to go wrong with these chocolate dusted mulberries. The taste resembles chocolate fudge while the texture resembles chewy caramel and yet these free-from treats are super healthy and will definitely be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the dietary choices.
Customers can find them in: Holland and Barrett stores.

We hope you enjoyed our list of our favourite lunchbox fillers and that they help make back to school that bit easier. Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites or if you love these products as much as we do.

As always, feel free to tag us in any of your lunchbox creations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. generic once daily cialis

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