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Free From BBQ Tips For A Hot Summer

Free From BBQ Tips For A Hot Summer

It must be time for a Free From BBQ!

Well who would have guessed that summer would actually bring out the sun this year? Temperatures have soared to almost 30 degrees and everyone is making the most of the heat (before its time to pull out the umbrellas again…)!

And since the sun made its annual appearance, that familiar smell of BBQs has filtered through the air and bread rolls and burgers have sold out of every shop.
Yet BBQs can lead to a whole lot of fretting for those of us who follow free-from diets. Where do you begin when deciding whether to attend an event based on burgers and bread?
Fear not!

We are determined that 2016 should be the year of the free-from BBQ! So we have come up with our favourite summer BBQ hacks to help ensure your experiences are as enjoyable and tasty as any food-based event should be – no matter what your dietary requirements may be!

We even developed a sumptuously healthy dessert recipe using our fantastic coconut yoghurt that is sure to be snapped up by everyone…

BBQ Collage

1) Eat up!
Don’t ruin your evening by attending a BBQ without preparing first – hunger is nobody’s friend! And while the side-salad is a lovely addition, the simple lettuce leaf does not make for a satisfying meal. Always check with the host and offer to bring your own food if they are too busy to cook a separate dish!
2) Take tasty dishes that everyone can enjoy!
If you’re not a whizz in the kitchen, check out some of your favourite free-from blogs (we love Oh She Glows and Deliciously Ella) and put together something you know you will love. A Moroccan tagine or a Mexican chilli would be really easy to warm up and make a great accompaniment to anyone’s meal!
3) Don’t be left out!
Find your favourite veggie burger, vegan cheese and gluten-free roll (yes we’re telling you to eat your way through them all until you find one you love – tough job). Then inform your host of your particular favourites or take them along with you. A BBQ isn’t a BBQ without some tantalisingly naughty tea-time treats anyway…
4) If you’re worried about cross-contamination, cook your food beforehand.
It might seem like a chore, but it saves time later and you’ll avoid the usual BBQ routine of greatly underestimated cooking time and not eating until the sun has vanished.
5) Make dips for everyone.
Dips are often guilty of hiding ingredients that you wouldn’t assume were there – milk in hummus, anyone?! It’s much easier (and healthier) to find a great recipe and make your own!

teenagers-1950s bbq

6) Host your own BBQ!
Show everyone you invite just how delicious free-from food can be. And don’t be afraid to leave meat, dairy and gluten off the menu. If you offer really delicious free-from food (and if all else fails – lots of Pimms) then most people won’t even notice that their usual go-to is off the menu.

7) Enjoy a free-from tipple.
BBQs just aren’t the same without one alcoholic beverage. Or two… Who’s driving again? Let the host know your favourite vegan and gluten-free options or take your own. Remember many summer favourites are naturally free-from: Pimms is a vegan treat and Cranes cranberry cider is a natural, gluten-free wonder! Check out the Barnivore website to find out which alcoholic drinks are vegan and vegetarian.
8) Go big on dessert.

Cranes Cider

Well we are Pudology – you knew that was coming! But desserts are often overlooked at BBQs even though everyone loves them. And half way through summer the idea of one more Eton Mess is more than anyone can manage! But you can guarantee that if you whip out a delicious free-from dessert (and if you’re not up to cooking our chocolate puds go down a treat!) then everyone will get involved!

In line with this idea, we have developed a super tasty and totally healthy dessert recipe that can be enjoyed by anyone! They are super quick to whip up and can easily be transported to your BBQ destination of choice!

Popcicle Recipe 3.2.1

Healthy Free From Sorbet Pops

vegan, vegetarian. gluten-free,

Yield: 6 lollies (2 of each flavour)
Prep time: 20 minutes
Freeze time: 5 hours (or overnight)

Popcicle Recipe 4


Mango and Passion-fruit Pops
3 tbsp Pudology’s Mango and Passion-fruit Yoghurt
1 banana
½ cup frozen mango
1 sliced kiwi

Raspberry Pops
3 tbsp Pudology Coconut Yoghurt
1 banana
½ cup frozen raspberries

Popcicle Recipe 1.2.1

Creamy Chocolate Pops
3 tbsp Pudology Coconut Yoghurt
2 tsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp agave syrup

Popcicle Recipe 5

Directions (the same for each flavour):

1. Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend on high speed until combined.
2. If desired, fill your ice-lolly moulds with fresh or frozen fruit and layer with your blended yoghurt mixture.
3. Pop the ice-lollies into the freezer (standing upright) and freeze for a minimum of 5 hours.

It really is that simple! There is no reason to say no to this one – no matter your kitchen skills!

Popcicle Recipe 2

Try out this recipe with different flavour variations and feel free to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you try it out!

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