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Indulgence and Satisfaction with the Best Luxury Gluten-free Chocolates

Indulgence and Satisfaction with the Best Luxury Gluten-free Chocolates

Let’s keep things simple. When it comes to how we choose to spoil ourselves or cheer ourselves up when we’re feeling low, eating chocolate is a popular choice. And if you need to seek out gluten-free chocolate products due to food intolerances, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to indulge in sweet treats like the rest of us.


But isn’t chocolate gluten free already?

This is an area where many people get confused. The fact is that totally pure and unsweetened chocolate is gluten-free, but once we start adding ingredients such as sweeteners, then our chocolate may contain traces of gluten. Some chocolates also contain stabilisers, which is where the gluten comes in too. At other times, products that claim to be gluten-free may have been contaminated due to the environment in which they were created, such as a factory which also makes products that contain gluten.


At Pudology, we believe that indulgence should be pure and simple, which is why we’ve scoured the market and come up with the very best luxury gluten free chocolates just for you. Sshh… gluten-free and delicious!


Pourtoi Chocolates


  1. Pourtoi

    With a website that features such quotes as “Woman can live by chocolate alone” this is clearly a company we can get on board with. Their gluten-free range offers a taste sensation, including some particularly delectable truffles with cocoa or caramelised nuts, and the spectacular, award-winning salted caramel and malt whisky bonbons. Visit Pourtoi’s website.





  1. Chocolate Trading Co

    This diverse company brings together a number of the best brands to showcase a collection of the finest gluten-free chocs around. For fun-loving chocolate fans, they offer chocolate in the shape of footballers, credit cards, pencils, letters and numbers – to name just a few! Their salted caramel options are divine, while the dark sea salt caramel truffles are also a firm favourite. Visit Chocolate Trading Co’s website.



Hotel Chocolat


  1. Hotel Chocolat

    this elegant label never fail to satisfy with their beautifully presented chocolate that tastes just as good as it looks. They have a variety of gluten-free gift boxes, such as the fruity collection or a special Valentine’s Day selection, while the Classic Gemstones and the adorable dark chocolate Tiddly Pot are both filled with delicious mini chocolate treats. But for those days when mini just won’t fit the bill, you can go all out with the Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Giant 500g Slab. Visit Hotel Chocolat’s website.






  1. Auberge de Chocolat

    It’s easy to see why Auberge have gained such a strong presence in the premium luxury chocolate community. Located in Buckinghamshire, this award-winning chocolatier is an artisan family business where passion is the name of the (very tasty) game. All chocolates are handmade and gluten free with a real personalised touch. They’ve even got chocolate in the shape of a stiletto! Visit Auberge de Chocolat’s website.



Gluten an dairy-free desserts


  1. Yep, you guessed it… our very own Pudology wins first prize!

    We love desserts and our dairy-free, gluten-free range ensures that all chocolate lovers are free to indulge. In just three years, our success has grown in leaps and bounds and we are proud to offer a personal touch to our desserts, as creator and dessert maker Lucy suffers from dairy and egg intolerance herself, so she is determined to produce some quality chocolate Puds for everyone to enjoy.


View the full range of our gluten and dairy-free desserts here.



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