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How to make 2016 your best Free-From Christmas!

How to make 2016 your best Free-From Christmas!

How to make 2016 your best Free-From Christmas!

We have collated our top tips for ensuring that your free-from Christmas goes smoothly and deliciously.


1)Try hosting your own event

Don’t freak out. It isn’t that big of a deal! With a good dose of planning you can ensure that any event – even a free-from Christmas – goes effortlessly. Playing the host means that you can ensure all items fit your specific dietary requirements, whether that means free from gluten, dairy or both. You can even leave out the turkey and opt for a delicious meat-free alternative (Ocado and Holland & Barratt stock great ranges). You are free to make it your own, and your guests will love the effort you have made. If you have visitors who prefer to eat something outside of what your own diet permits, then suggest that they bring it themselves – this way you can keep everyone happy!

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2)Revolutionise old favourites

Shortbread. Mince Pies. Stuffing. You can revamp any classic Christmas party-food to make it free-from meat, dairy, eggs or gluten. The internet has thousands of recipes, including some delicious ideas on our very own website! And it doesn’t have to be complicated – you can easily put together a simple sponge recipe that meets your dietary requirements, roll it into a Yule Log and slather it in our Pudology Chocolate Ganache – et voila! In fact, our super quick Vegan Mince Pie recipe has just two ingredients! Deliciousness in a few simple steps. If you’re not experienced in the kitchen, have a look around all of the different blogs out there to find one that suits your tastes the most, and follow the recipes carefully to get wonderful results.

3)Bring your own food

If you are attending an event hosted by someone with little knowledge or experience of your free-from requirements, take your own food. It gives the host an easier job and ensures that you aren’t worrying about how you can make a meal out of chips and salad. Either throw something together yourself (a nutritious nut roast travels easily) or buy something that has already been prepared. This way, you will know for a fact that you won’t have to go hungry when surrounded by delicious-smelling food that you can’t eat. Chances are most of the guests will be excited to try something new themselves and you’ll be fighting off competition for your delicious addition!

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4)Give the host time to plan – and help them out!

Not everybody is accustomed to the ins and outs of a free-from diet. And whatever it is that you don’t eat, it’s best to let your host know early to give them plenty of time to cater for you. Try suggesting a list of things you would love to eat as well as give an idea of what you can’t. Perhaps you could even offer to cook your food with the host? (No one is turning down an extra pair of hands on Christmas Day!)

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5)Eat, drink and be merry!

Most importantly of all, don’t avoid any social get together because you are worried about the food! There are so many ways to enjoy delicious free-from food that are cheap, quick and simple – you really don’t have to miss out. And don’t worry about what the other guests might think – chances are they will be interested to try out a bit of what you’re having, and too drunk to remember what it actually tasted like (although let’s be honest – you aren’t getting more delicious than our Christmas shortbread recipe).

If you have any of your own tips for making this Free-From Christmas a breeze, then let us know! We always love to hear from you guys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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