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Online Shopping Trends for Free From Foods in the UK

Online Shopping Trends for Free From Foods in the UK

If you follow a free-from diet you will no doubt remember the panic that occurred when you realised you would actually have to purchase free-from food (from where?!). The confusion when you cast your eyes over the ingredients list? The difficulty of hiding an eye-roll when you are asked where you actually buy food from.</strong

These are totally natural reactions to a diet overhaul that many of us go through if we decide to avoid dairy, meat or gluten. Fortunately, we live in a world where businesses respond to our choices – the more free-from food we buy, the more they make.

Over the years, buying free-from food has become increasingly easy. Most supermarkets, such as Waitrose have a free-from sections. There are even shops which specifically cater for free-from diets, such as Holland and Barrett. But what happens if you don’t have one of these shops close by? Or when you can’t fit in the time to pop out?

The answer, of course, is online shopping. cost viagra pill

It’s a breeze to buy free-from food online. The array of items is larger than you could possibly fit in any shop, so it means you really get the chance to find something you truly enjoy. generici del cialis


One of the online supermarkets with the biggest selection of free-from food is Ocado. The selection has grown rapidly as demand had increased which is good news for all who choose this lifestyle. A quick search for ‘free from’ on the Ocado website brings up 1756 items. It’s no surprise they were voted the winner of the Free-From Food People’s Choice Award in 2014!

To make things even easier, the website splits into ten categories: free from gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, soya, nut, egg, yeast, sugar & salt. Easier still (oh yes, it gets easier), Ocado go ahead and split their products into lifestyle. You can also opt to shop by brand, if you know there is one that you know you love…

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Honest Eats

Another online retailer who makes free-from shopping truly simple is Honest Eats. Their website is made up entirely of free-from products. These are categorised into lifestyles (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, lactose free, wheat free) to make things much easier. In fact, Honest Eats split their food into a total of 27 categories, from lupin-free to yeast-free, which makes looking for the right product a breeze!

If you’re new to the free-from lifestyle, they also offer a ‘free-from favourites’ section. This makes shopping for unfamiliar products straight forward. how do i get a doctor to prescribe viagra

Honest eats do a great job of officially categorising their products, but they also go one step further. They read the ingredients of every product and indicate whether they are likely to be suitable for certain diets. (That they haven’t been officially categorised as for legal reasons.)

So there will be no more scanning of ingredients lists to check there are no hidden nasties – Honest Eats does the work for you!

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Our favourite free-from finds…

We’ve taken the liberty of listing some of our favourite finds below, but we absolutely encourage all Pudologists to go and see the wonder of this free-from heaven!

Free-from ‘milk’
If you’ve ditched dairy, then look no further. A quick Ocado search for ‘free-from milk’ brings up 175 products! Everything from almond, rice and oat drinks to soya, hemp and coconut. They offer long-life UHT and fresh versions. Plus various sizes (from two-litre cartons to lunchbox sized cartons), organic and even five ‘cream’ alternatives! Honest Eats goes a step further and includes organic ‘milkshakes’ to their free-from selection (caramel sounds just delicious!).

Gluten-free bread
Bread is one of those things that’s difficult to find a good replacement for. One of the reasons for this being that these products are difficult to find! Ocado showed 75 options for ‘free-from bread’, so you are sure to find one you love here! They range from white, brown, seeded, ciabatta, sliced, sourdough, pitta, bread mixes and even cinnamon buns! (I’m not sure how relevant they are to a search for bread but they sure were tasty enough to mention!) Honest Eats offers a smaller selection but the range looks absolutely delicious. This includes freshly made bread from the Sussex Bread Company which was the Silver Winner of the World Bread Awards 2016 – how can you say no? Go, look, find your perfect bread and don’t miss out on everyone’s favourite carbohydrate!

Gluten-free biscuits
I’m not sure whether the Brit in us leaves us constantly in need of biscuits to dunk into our tea, but there is something very difficult about living a gluten-free life without them! Leave it to Ocado to offer 186 ‘free-from biscuit’ items. And Honest Eats offers a delicious selection of biscuits that Ocado don’t even cover! From double chocolate cookies to classic custard creams, shortbread to breakfast biscuits, there is something to suit every taste (and every cuppa!). They offer snack-packs, small-packs, large-packs and multi-packs: perfect for lunchboxes, the biscuit tin and the office drawer. Many of these also include options that are dairy and egg free, so be sure to check them out if you avoid these too.

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Dairy-free sweet treats
Another one that can be delicious when done right (as we know) but difficult to obtain. Both Ocado and Honest Eats offer a huge variety of options for when the sweet tooth craves. From brownies to jelly sweets, ice cream to custard – your desires are sure to be met. And don’t forget, you can get your hands on Pudology puds and yoghurts from both of these online retailers! We might be a little bit biased with this one, but they are one sweet treat you are sure to enjoy!

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