Our Favourite Easter Eggs (without the allergens)

Our Favourite Easter Eggs (without the allergens)

Easter is just around the corner so there’s no doubt that if you’re a chocolate lover then you’re already drooling with anticipation about the weekend of guilt-free chocolate eating (don’t feel guilty – it’s Easter).

Gone are the days when this meant you couldn’t enjoy chocolate because of an allergy, too. The ‘free-from’ food market is growing larger and larger and if you have a specific nutritional requirement you can still freely indulge your chocolatey desires.

There are some delicious speciality free-from Easter eggs on the market, including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soya-free and vegan.


We didn’t want you to miss out on chocolate (that’s kinda why we we exist), so here are our picks of some of the best free-from Easter eggs out there…


Moo Free – Diary-free Chocolate

moo-free-bunnycomb-easter-egg-web-mediumMoo Free create delicious and award-winning Easter eggs using rice milk. Their gorgeous products are free from dairy, gluten, lactose and wheat and suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

They’re constantly updating their products with fun and interesting flavours, such as the Free From Bunnycomb Easter Egg, which is infused with crunchy pieces of honeycomb toffee. Their chocolate is also great for kids, as each one has their very own cartoon animal design.

The Cheeky Orange Easter Egg  featuring Cheeky Chops the chimp is perfect for the little monkey in your life and Its delicious, creamy chocolate orange flavour has been created using orange crystals too. These chocolates have been widely acknowledged for helping those with food intolerance, and praised as “the best chocolates ever” and “a healthy treat when craving.”

All of Moo Free’s eggs are made using organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients, making this chocolatey treat an entirely guilt-free purchase. They are available at many health food shops as well as a number of online retailers.

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Montezuma’s – Innovative British Chocolate

L-Milk-Fudge-Giant-EggAs one of Britain’s most successful innovative businesses that focus on sustainability and simplicity, Montezuma’s have a great Easter range for you.

Their Enormous Eggs are vegetarian and gluten-free, perfect for coeliac sufferers. Available in Dark or Milk Chocolate, these weigh an entire kilo each! Wow – that’s a serious amount of free-from goodness!

The Giant Fudge Milk Egg and Giant Fudge Dark Egg are also vegetarian and gluten-free, crammed full of delicious fudge for a twist on the classic chocolate number.

But it is the Organic Chocolate Cheeky Bunnies that are unquestionably their most popular Easter product. Available in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate, these adorable bunnies are made from organically grown chocolate and are free from gluten, colouring and preservatives. Their happy consumers say it best: “Gorgeous chocolate. Depth of flavour.”

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Booja Booja – Simple, Organic and Luxury Chocolate

Booja Booja Easter EggIf you fancy something a little more lavish, Booja Booja make the most delicious organic chocolate that is free from dairy, gluten and soya.

Their Easter collection includes large and small eggs in exotic flavours such as Almond and Sea Salt Caramel and the multi-award-winning Around Midnight Espresso made with fragrantly roasted organic Mexican coffee beans. In fact, their chocolate is so good that one customer said that “I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so heavenly delicious,” even though they are not allergic to any of the free-from ingredients!

Booja Booja are extremely luxurious chocolate treats and certainly one for the free-from love in your life this Easter

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Plamil – Luxury and Free-from Chocolate

Plamil milk-free Easter EggNut allergy can often be a tricky one to beat and it’s certainly something we wanted at Pudolgy. Plamil create their products in their own factory in which there is no trace of dairy, gluten or nuts, making their Easter eggs a great choice for those with special food requirements.

Plamil’s Easter eggs are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and have a great ethical promise, with products made using 100% renewable energy. They have both half and full milk chocolate Easter eggs with fun, colourful packaging for the kids. Their produce is also both organic and fairtrade. They create what happy customers have described as, “ethical, vegan products which are great tasting.”

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Divine – Fairtrade and Farmer Owned

Divine are another top-notch Fairtrade chocolate company whose Easter eggs are perfect for vegans and they have a great backstory, too.

Divine proudly support a community in Ghana who not only produce the chocolate but also own part of the company. Buying chocolate from Divine help to send money back directly to the community to pay for schools and other important resources. The Divine company is part-owned by Body Shop and also Fairtrade NGO Twin Trading. The mutli-national and highly ethical company are on a mission of fairtrade and have offices in London and the US.

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Hotel Chocolat – Indulgent Almond Milk Easter Eggs

Hotel Chocolat Easter EggHotel Chocolat are widely known for their luxurious chocolates and they also have a milk-free range too. Their Almond milk Easter eggs and treats still boast the smooth milky texture but are totally free from milk!

Hotel Chocolat are suitable for vegans too. Their milk-free chocolate bunnies dressed in bow ties and smart jackets and made from cocoa and almond powder.

Hotel Chocolat are making sure that you can still enjoy their delectable chocolate even if you’re free-from and have an entire section dedicated to dietary requirements. As they say “one in three British households now have a specific dietary requirement” and the market is growing.

Well done Hotel Chocolat and indeed everyone on this list for making it easier to enjoy chocolate this Easter.


So there you go… those are our favourites but by no means the only ones out there.

Of course, we won’t stop you if you want to just eat Pudology for Easter but now you can join in the Easter egg hunts and indulge too.

Many free-from brands also sell their Easter products in supermarkets, so keep an eye out at your local supermarket to see what they have in stock.

Don’t forget to pop into your local health food store and support smaller retailers too as you may get a lovely Easter surprise and discover a free-from brand you have never seen before.

Do you have a favourite Easter egg not on this list? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to know your favourites!

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    a little late but give No Muu’s Easter range a look. Small family based company with great customer service

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