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What is a Pudology brand ambassador and why should you care?

What is a Pudology brand ambassador and why should you care?

What is a Pudology brand ambassador and why should you care?

Pudology are different.

Why? We value our customers.

We value your opinion so much that we’ve elected many of you to become Pudology brand ambassadors. After all, what would we be without you?

Our brand ambassadors are vital to our success. Pudology desserts and yoghurts are available in hundreds of stores across the UK but we can’t be everywhere at once. Our ambassadors visit their local Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or Holland and Barrett store and feedback on the arrangement of our products. This allows us to act quickly if Pudology are being poorly presented – we create unbeatable free-from products and we deserve to have them stocked responsibly.

Here’s an example of a picture we took in Holland and Barrett (Crewe), where our Puds are neatly stocked, clearly labelled and easy to find. Communicating with their local store is another thing our ambassadors do wonderfully. Letting your local store know just how much you love seeing your favourite free-from dessert stacked so neatly and lovingly is a great step to keeping us on shelves.

Pudology brand ambassadors also report back how well products are re-stocked. We use the freshest ingredients to make our desserts and yoghurts so delicious, which means it is important for stores to keep on top of the sell-by date. We wouldn’t want our adoring free-from army to end up with something that was past its best, and so we have our ambassadors ensure that everybody is getting the best available products.

Most importantly, our brand ambassadors interact with us. They tell us what they love about Pudology, what they want to see and what stores they’d love to find us in.

As Pudology’s first brand ambassador, I know from personal experience how genuinely they value us customers. I’d been a self-confessed super fan since I went dairy-free four years ago. Lucy and I met for coffee a couple of years later and discussed all things free-from, since then I’ve been writing the Pudology blog. The customer perspective is important to us and we discuss all matter of things to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Pudology care about their customers because together, we make the brand.

If you want to sign up to be a brand ambassador, all you have to do is join our Brand Ambassador Facebook page:

The page is designed to be a collective haven of Pudology information that is used to ensure all stores that stock Pudology are doing what they should be. It’s clear from some of the pictures we receive that this isn’t always the case. Once notified Lucy will contact the store manager armed with photographic evidence. Brand ambassadors are the first to hear any new and exciting news and sent many cool freebies as thanks for their love and support.

Pudology is a brand for the people, by the people – join our free-from revolution.

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