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Pudology - Your favourite free-from pudding provider turns FIVE!

Pudology – Your favourite free-from pudding provider turns FIVE!

Pudology – Your favourite free-from pudding provider turns FIVE!

It’s been a journey. We’ve had highs, we’ve had lows, and we’ve picked up thousands of adoring fans along the way! Most importantly, we’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished for the free-from food revolution.

Way back in August 2012 we launched with our first customer, Goodness Foods.We began selling our delicious range to independent health food shops and directly to the public via Goodness Direct. By the end of that year, we had launched in Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Ocado, and we have ruled the free-from desserts ever since. Our first kitchen helped us produce all these extra puds, but as you can see from the picture it was incredibly cramped so it wasn’t long before we moved onto bigger things.

But we didn’t stop there…

By March 2013, Lucy had seen her puds take centre stage in Waitrose and Sainsburys, and she added fan favourites banoffee and chocolate orange to the range before the year was out. As a side note, this was the year that Pudology’s resident blogger discovered the brand, and she confidently asserts that there has been no other free-from dessert to match the decadence of Pudology since she took her first bite four years ago.

2014 was the year of Pudology in the press.

We were featured in everything from Vegetarian Living to Closer Magazine and OK Mag even gave us a shout out on Twitter. This was the year of our first VegFest where 20,000 passionate dairy-free dessert lovers hit London to try a sample of our ganache. Our puds were the tastiest thing on offer and we’ve loved seeing so many of you return to our stall every year.

In 2015, we launched Pudology yoghurts in Holland and Barrett. Our yoghurts are a simple way to enjoy that delicious but subtle coconut tang along with the nutritious vegan cultures that make it so thick and creamy. We visited the allergy show in London and introduced hundreds of people to their new favourite dessert.

2015 was also the year Lucy expanded the team, and hired Richard to ensure Pudology was being adequately marketed.Lucy employed a blogger in 2016 to put together delicious recipes using the best Pudology ingredients. Ever since, we have kept Pudology fans inundated with creative ideas for how to use the puddings. (Yes, other than devouring them in three mouthfuls!)

We visited London Fashion Week, VegFest Bristol, Taste of London and moved our Puds across the water to Ireland all before the year was out. (Yes, we are still exhausted!) Most importantly, this was the year our youngest Pudologist joined us and she’s been our biggest fan ever since…

And now we are racing through 2017 and have another Pudology baby on the way – good luck, Rich! Big things are happening behind the scenes and we can’t wait to update you all on Pudology’s next steps, which we will do the minute we are able.

For now, we would like to offer our biggest thanks to you, the Pudology fans.

Without you we wouldn’t be creating delicious puddings to make people happy.

We wouldn’t be looking back over the last five years with tears in our eyes wondering where the time has gone.

And we wouldn’t be here, helping you live the free-from lifestyle that you deserve.

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, and a very Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday Pudology

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