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Pudology at London Fashion Week 2016

Pudology impresses bloggers at London Fashion Week!

Pudology impresses bloggers at London Fashion Week!

If you’ve paid attention to social media this week, you will have noticed that London has been besieged by celebrities and fashionistas clamouring to see the coming trends for 2016.

London Fashion Week dominates the city every year, often causing controversy and always making headlines. This year Pudology decided to see what the fuss was about.Pudology at London Fashion Week 2016 We were invited to London to meet a host of bloggers at LFWs Blogger’s Hangout event, and have them try our tasty desserts. It was amazing. Unfortunately Lucy couldn’t make it as she is so close to her due date! And because it wouldn’t be sensible to travel half way across the country and spend a busy afternoon on her feet, I went along with Lucy’s Mum – the lovely Maria. We spent the day handing out delicious vegan and gluten-free samples and checking out the offerings from the other companies that attended (which may or may not have included a mid-afternoon cocktail or two…).

Excitement of the setting…

The venue was beautiful – Provision Studios was brimming with London style and having been built into a railway arch, it exuded an industrial-chic vibe. The organisers were extremely friendly and helpful throughout the afternoon, making everything really easy for the brands.

After I’d gotten over the excitement of the setting, I had the most fun meeting the bloggers. It is always a bit daunting meeting people and introducing them to your product, but fortunately Pudology desserts speak for themselves… (No really, listen hard enough and they are crying out for you to dig in!) … Everyone loved them.

Long-term Pudology fans made a beeline for us for free samples of our four rich chocolatey flavours. It was great to meet so many people who already knew about Pudology (most of them having followed us on Twitter and Instagram for a while) and who wanted to praise the brand. We love hearing your feedback – especially when it’s positive! Ok, we shouldn’t say that, but we do.

I loved finding out where people discovered the brand and what led them to buy theirPudology at London Fashion Week 2016 first delicious Pud. There were some interesting answers, but it was clear that the dairy and gluten-free dieters had been as determined as we were to find the tastiest free-from desserts out there – fortunately for them we were more than happy to help!

We also met people who hadn’t heard of our Puds before (if you can believe it)! They wanted to find out more about the brand – and to see what was causing all of the queues! It was great to see people genuinely surprised to find out that the desserts were suitable ffor vegans and coeliacs. No one would have guessed that with a little coconut milk and chocolate, someone could made a dessert that was as delicious and intense as any other on the market.

Even the bloggers who didn’t follow a free-from lifestyle were pleased to find out that Pudology fits into this category as it made them feel ‘less sinful’ for breaching their healthy eating plan! As we all know, a little treat keeps you sane ☺

Everyone was keen to hear about how the brand started, so we told them about how Lucy’s lactose allergy and her determination to have a tasty dairy-free dessert led to the creation of the Puds we know and love. People were impressed at how wide Pudology (a small company) has spread itself – to find out that the Puds are available in a range of high-street stores was a huge plus point for the bloggers! (I can see why, of course…)

As Pudology’s resident vegan and gluten-free lifestyle blogger, it was great for me to meet so many people who were interested in discussing the dietary options in more detail. I answered many questions about my own experience and chatted about different viewpoints people had. Even better was to see how many people were clued up on the benefits of such a lifestyle!

The Pudology at London Fashion Week 2016Puds disappeared super-fast – luckily we bought plenty with us of each flavour: Pudology Chocolate Pud, Chocolate Orange Pud, Banoffee Pud and Millionaire’s Shortbread Pud. People were excited to try flavours they hadn’t seen before and the stall was teeming with bloggers for the entire afternoon.

We also ran a competition during the day in collaboration with Barry M. For those who don’t know (and I’m sure there aren’t many), Barry M are a fantastic makeup brand sold in most UK drugstores. Their products are nearly all vegan and none of them are tested on animals – perfect! The bloggers had to guess the number of Barry M products in our giant Pudology box in order to win the entire box of products as well as a selection of their favourite puddings! The competition was hugely popular and we had a record number of entries.

Stay tuned to find out who the lucky winner was…We met so many wonderful people during the day – check out our social media feeds for some great pictures (and tag yourselves if you find your face)! Don’t forget to tag us in your photos from the day too!

Pudology had a brilliant day and we certainly can’t wait for next year!


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