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Pudology’s guide to a fully free-from Easter with eggs for all

Pudology’s guide to a fully free-from Easter with eggs for all

Pudology’s guide to a fully free-from Easter

As you know by now, free-from foods are our passion – we think its super important to ensure that people with sensitivities and preferences have delicious options available to them, especially during the traditional holidays that are centred around food. That’s why we provide our indulgent and hugely popular chocolate desserts. In fact, if you’re looking for an easy, two-ingredient recipe for the Easter weekend, why not try our Chocolate Truffle recipe – the perfect Easter treat for those who are feeling both creative and generous.

For those of you who are looking to buy their Easter chocolate this year, we have scoured the market for the best free-from options out there and put together a helpful guide to our favourites from 2017. We searched the high street and found our favourite offerings in Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s and Ocado online – check them out below!

Waitrose favourites:

Green and Black’s organic dark 70% chocolate egg (165g) – £6.00.
This egg is dairy and gluten-free and is easy to pick up from any Waitrose store or online. The chocolate is rich and intense and perfect for those looking for a more grown-up taste. If you can’t get through the whole egg (unlikely…we certainly did) then you can always break it down and use it in a delicious Easter recipe such as these cupcakes.

Lindt Gold dark chocolate bunny (200g) – £4.50
YES – this version of the legendary bunny is dairy and gluten free! And yes, it’s totally acceptable to buy these for adults as well as children – the Easter bunny can be fun for us all, especially when said bunny is made from vegan friendly chocolate.

Holland & Barrett favourites:

Plamil fairtrade organic bow-tie Easter bunny (65g) – £3.49
This little fellow is filled with chocolate eggs and is a perfect option for little ones who follow a free-from diet. Brightly coloured and a great price, this bunny is filled with ‘milk’ chocolate that offers a much sweeter taste than dark chocolate, which is great for those with a sweeter tooth (adults and kids included).

Holland & Barrett good life dairy free Easter egg (85g) – £3.99
Holland & Barrett’s own brand of organic chocolate egg is another great option this year! This milk-chocolate alternative is suitable for vegans and is one of the best-tasting options out there – it’s creamy and sweet and a perfect choice for Easter.

Sainsburys favourites:

Sainsbury’s free-from white choc egg and buttons (65g) – £2.50
For fans of white chocolate this is a perfect option! The search for a deliciously smooth dairy-free white chocolate is now over – thank you Sainsburys! And with chocolate buttons thrown in for good measure we really are being spoiled.

Choice’s dairy free caramel Easter egg (120g) – £3.50
We love the unmatchable chocolate caramels in this one, which are dairy and gluten free for those who hadn’t spotted the theme yet… Easily the best vegan caramels out there, this options is another sweet treat that will please any dairy-free fan of any age! Plus we love the fact that you get an egg and chocolates because more chocolate = more fun and that is indisputable.

Ocado favourites:

Booja Booja almond and sea salt caramel small Easter egg (34g) – £9.99
Slightly pricier than the other options but Booja Booja know how to do indulgent truffles. Their beautifully decorated ‘eggs’ are bursting with their signature truffles, that are as ever packed with flavour so rich it tantalises taste buds long after the truffle is actually gone.

Moo Free original organic Easter egg (120g) – £4.25
This one is the most readily available in most shops and its extremely popular. The dairy-free milk chocolate egg is crisp and sweet and a perfect option for this Easter. Order yours fast though as these sell out super quickly!

Have we left your favourite free-from Easter option off our guide? Let us know what you’ve been loving this year on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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