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Taste of London 2016 - A Gluten Free Revolution

Taste of London 2016 – A Gluten Free Revolution

Getting A Taste Of London

Taste Of London!

For those of you who don’t know, Taste Of London involves restaurants showcasing their best dishes and smaller producers promoting their high quality products. Taste Of London is always bursting with delicious samples that follow current trends, so I was hopeful for a whole lot of free-from products!

I’ve attended several Taste of London events in the past (including the very first) and I was shocked at how huge the event has become! I was impressive that there was much more attention given to small producers, despite large restaurants there.

As the free-from food revolution is hugely popular right now, I was keen to see what other brands had to offer as well as to show off our wonderful Puds. Although there were over 40 restaurants there, very few vegan and gluten-free options were offered (although L’autre Pied did have an entirely gluten-free menu)!

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Free-from products I liked:

Fortunately, I managed to track down some free-from items that I loved. My favourites included the Simplee Aloe Aloe Vera Drink with Grape and Lemon (which can thankfully be found on Ocado, just like our own delicious range). Another product that I thought was absolutely delicious was the Apricot Kernel Oil from Mokhado  – just like almonds but without nuts! (If you do suffer from a nut allergy and are interested in trying this product out then check with the individual brand that theirs is totally nut-free!)

As always, there were many opportunities for cocktails and bubbly which were a welcome addition to a very busy day!

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Before leaving the city, I even managed to squeeze in a visit to Pret a Manger’s entirely vegetarian pop-up store in Soho. And in true Pret style, it impressed beyond all expectations! The food was fresh and nutritious and, most importantly, tasted just divine. The Avocado and Chipotle Chickpea Wrap was delicious and I was very impressed by the Almond Protein Powder (Bananas, dates, almond, chocolate powder, almond milk) – my only issue being the fact that I live 200 miles away from the closest known source so can’t enjoy it every day!

The Cacao and Orange chocolate pudding was another decadent delight that I enjoyed with gusto! Fingers crossed that Pret will continue to include more veggie/ vegan/ gluten-free options in its regular stores across the UK!!

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If you’ve managed to visit the store – let us know! What did you sample?

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