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Our Top 10 Life Hacks For Vegetarian Living

Our Top 10 Life Hacks For Vegetarian Living

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week with The Vegetarian Society, which runs from 16th – 24th May, we decided to put together a list of our favourite life hacks for easy vegetarian living.

Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites!


For cooking firmer tofu

Bake it first. Seriously. Chop it up into bite-sized pieces and pop it on a baking tray and into the oven. Cook it at 180˚c until golden brown, then coat it in your favourite marinade and fry. Alternatively, toss it into a curry or stir-fry. Perfect!


Choose a pre-marinated tofu

This is definitely the last tofu hack but in all seriousness, this stuff is a healthy, low-fat, protein-packed delight that you should enjoy. Many people claim it is tasteless and boring, but if you opt for the flavoured stuff then you can enjoy a simple, tasty and healthy treat!



Use meat alternative

The meat-free market is full of amazing alternatives to regular meat. They make things easier, especially when cooking for meat-eating friends and relatives! On many occasions, people will find it hard to tell the difference between the alternatives and the real thing. They might not always be the healthiest foods, but they certainly are tasty!


Omit meat and its alternatives altogether

If you’re not keen on processed foods, then you’re in luck! Vegetarian food has so much potential. Vegetables and beans can be as exciting as you want to make them. Throw in some herbs and spices and you can cook up anything from burritos to burgers; lasagne to shepherd’s pie. Eating without any meat substitute does require basic cooking skills, but there are so many easy-to-follow recipes out there that there is no reason to say you can’t! Why not try these Recipe Blogs for inspiration:
Oh She Glows or Cookie And Kate



Check the labels

Some of your favourite ‘meat’ flavoured items are probably entirely meat-free! This includes Bisto original gravy granules, Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps, McCoys Ultimate Sizzling BBQ Chicken crisps…the list goes on! OK, so they might not be the healthiest constituents to a meat-free diet, but for those occasions where bean-burgers just won’t cut it, dig out your old favourites and munch away!

Vegetarian Friendly v2


Buy in bulk

Buying dried beans, rice and quinoa in bigger bags soon works out as a much cheaper way of shopping for food. Do the calculations and see for yourself!


Eat more!

Many people find that when they switch to a vegetarian diet they actually lose weight. This is great news for those who need to lose a few extra pounds as it’s so easily done! For those who want to maintain or gain weight, simply up your calories!


Choose beans

Seriously, beans are a hugely underrated superfood! High in protein they keep you full for hours which is great for anyone avoiding meat. They are also brimming with minerals such as copper, iron and magnesium and most importantly – they taste amazing!

beans and stuff


Herbs and spices

These will be your best friends in vegetarian cooking. Most meat recipes actually require flavouring to provide any taste, so don’t be afraid! You can turn the most boring meal to the tastiest with just a few of your favourite flavours. Learn what you love and use it liberally.


Eat out!

There are so many vegan options at restaurants and cafes! Vegetarians and vegans are widely catered for across the UK. Many establishments even have a separate menu which makes things even easier. As a vegetarian or a vegan, you have every reason to enjoy meals out with friends!

Here are just a few of our favourite Vegetarian Restaurants for you to try: Anna Loka Cardiff , Mildreds Restaurants London , David Bann and Food For Friends in Brighton all have a wonderful menu with great taste and variety… But don’t take our word for it. Go and try it for yourself!

Vegan Dining Out

And don’t forget, our delicious Pudology desserts and yoghurts are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the perfect option for anyone in need of a sweet treat!

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